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With a focus on customs and transportation law, Raul Casso IV Law offers legal assistance to companies involved in international trade in Port Laredo, the No. 1 inland port in the USA.

The United States of America has more laws, including an enforcement regime, far more extensive than those of any other government on the planet. Our clients are the importers and exporters for the U.S. and Mexico; customs brokers; freight forwarders; trucking companies; and, those involved in warehousing. 

Our main purpose is to guide our clients in the successful navigation through the legal intricacies found within the framework of federal customs and transportation laws governing the trade community in the USA. Our business philosophy is embodied in timely and accurately counseling our clients where legal services are truly needed.




Our logo features Mercury wearing a petasos, or winged helmet.  A major Greco-roman deity, Mercury was the patron god of trade and merchandise. Mercury symbolizes our commitment to provide inspired legal solutions for our client’s cross-border concerns.


Customs and Transportation Law


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